Orchid Digital Rounding

Orchid digital rounding solution streamlines workflow, maximizes staff time, and increases cross-departmental communication—allowing for consistent, efficient rounding to enhance the patient experience. A best-in-class solution for patient and leader rounding, Orchid allows organizations to identify challenges and ideas for process improvement, while building employee, physician, and leader alignment.




Results Achieved Through Orchid

55% Increase in user satisfaction over four months at a 160-bed urban hospital

78% Decrease in falls over 1,000 patient stays over three months at a 183-bed urban hospital  

15% Increase in "Staff Responsiveness" Top Box HCAHPS score over three months at a 270-bed suburban hospital 

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Rounding's Impact on Workforce Development

Rounding is one of the primary activities in which nurses engage to check on patients and their recoveries. With digital tools such as Orchid, nurse satisfaction can increase upwards of 50%, and organizations have a greater ability to make lasting improvements.

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8 Steps to Evaluate a Digital Rounding Solution

One of a nurse’s most important and frequent activities is rounding, the process of checking in with patients during their stays to monitor progress and identify issues. Today, many hospitals use a piece of paper and a pen to collect data on patient rounds. To optimize care delivery, organizations must maximize the efficiency of rounding.


Improving Nurse Rounding & the Patient Experience

United Regional understood that enhancing the patient experience would not only improve HCAHPS scores and hospital standing, but also patient outcomes. URH pinpointed the key drivers to improve and deployed Orchid. Within three months, URH experienced significant improvements in the areas of focus.


Enhancing Nurse Satisfaction with Rounding

Henry Ford Hospital understood that a robust nurse rounding program ensures optimal patient outcomes and increases patient satisfaction. HFH piloted Orchid, CipherHealth's digital rounding solution, and within 40 days, HFH nurses reported improvements across all survey categories.