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Automate License Verifications and Sanction Monitoring with EchoVerify and EchoMonitor in EchoCredentialing

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Date: August 2, 2017
Presenter: Andy Allemao

EchoCredentialing Product Insight Webinar

This webinar will explain EchoVerify and EchoMonitor, and discuss the ways in which these tools are used to automate the verification and monitoring process. Specifically, the webinar will:

  • Define EchoVerify and EchoMonitor – What they are, and what they are not
  • Discuss the fundamental differences between EchoVerify and EchoMonitor
  • Discuss the options associated with EchoVerify and EchoMonitor
  • Explain, using process based examples, how to use EchoVerify and EchoMonitor in conjunction with other EchoCredentialing tools to streamline key credentialing processes