Improve Perinatal Outcomes

According to the Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health (AIM), the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high resource country—and it’s the only country outside of Afghanistan and Sudan where the rate is rising.

The NEW OB risk-focused learning series, co-developed by MedStar Health and HealthStream, includes interactive case-scenarios, assessments, and benchmarking that can improve learning retention and critical thinking.

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NEW! OB Risk Program

The OB Risk program includes six competency-based modules related to high-risk patient safety issues along with an OB-specific dashboard that brings an entirely new dynamic to learning, by highlighting the variance between knowledge and application. Knowing this variance helps organizations identify areas of ongoing risk, and determine where they should focus their training to further reduce those risks.

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Interactive case-scenarios improve learning retention and critical thinking.

“The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high resource country—and it’s the only country outside of Afghanistan and Sudan where the rate is rising.”
- AIM, 2016

The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM)

Prevent 1,000 Maternal Deaths by 2018.

HealthStream has joined efforts with AIM on a national, data-driven quality improvement initiative desired to reducing severe maternal morbidity by 100,000 events, and preventing 1,000 maternal deaths in the U.S. by the end of 2018.

Join the initiative! AIM eModules are now available for all HealthStream Learning Center customers.

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of all low risk hospital deaths, are accounted from maternal obstetric complications.
of all births, maternal obstetric complications develop which, without immediate accurate treatment, may progress to life-threatening situations before they are recognized.
of nurses reported using equipment improperly.

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OB Risk

Behind Every Healthy Child is a Healthy Mother: Improve Perinatal Outcomes

With the goal to decrease adverse patient outcomes, HealthStream and MedStar Health have co-developed an effective OB risk-focused learning series that ensures maximum knowledge acquisition and retention. Download the infographic to find out how the OB Risk Program can help your facility improve perinatal outcomes.


Reducing OB Risk with Simulation and Gaming

HealthStream and MedStar-SiTEL have developed an OB Risk program that uses interactive learning to help ensure competency. The OB modules contain gaming and micro-simulation techniques increase learning retention while developing critical thinking skills.


Training and Education are Key to OB Risk Reduction

Why is it important to focus on OB risk reduction education? By 2013 the Lancet estimated that our maternal mortality rate was as high as 18.5 per 100,000, thus dropping us to 60th in the world.


Trends in Healthcare Learning

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and it’s no surprise that healthcare education needs to do the same. This eBook addresses advances in training, including the heightened focus on lifelong learning and new education methods that enhance knowledge retention and advance competency.