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From hiring and onboarding to competency and leadership, HealthStream understands the importance of providing nurses with the training they need to develop on their lifelong journey. Press play and see how HealthStream can help new nurses achieve clinical outcomes from day 1.

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Trends in Healthcare Learning

  • The Importance of Lifelong Learning for Nurses
  • Fostering a Culture of Lifelong Learning
  • Low-Dose, High Frequency Training 
  • Using Gaming and Micro-Simulation to Reduce OB Risk

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of average hospitals are staffed by new nurse graduates

Additional Resources



Bridging the Gap: Building Nurse Confidence from Education to Practice

New nurses are in high demand, and new graduates face a number of transition challenges that can lead to low confidence and high turnover. In addition, replacing nurses is expensive, costing one to one and a half times an annual salary. HealthStream’s Nurse Residency Pathway uses an intelligent, analytical approach to help with managing and onboarding new nurses in a cohesive and effective manner.


The Importance of Communication in Nursing

As a nurse, you must effectively communicate in order to be successful in your role. Nurses must constantly express patient needs to physicians, write clear, yet concise notes that highlight the events of their shift and how patients are responding to treatment and care, and even clearly verbalize the events that led up the decision to call a code in a room that may be filled with chaos.


Never Stop Improving: The Importance of Nurse Competency

A recent report stated that patients often judge the quality of nursing care in a facility as being at the skill level of the least experienced and competent nurse. Take a moment to let that statement soak in, and think of the nurse on your unit to whom this applies. Is that nurse a brand new graduate?


Healthcare Training with the Brain in Mind

Executive Norman Desmarais shares his insights on how healthcare training has to be delivered where people can absorb it, at the time they want it, and it needs to be in context. Having spent the last 30 years researching the science of adult learning, Norm firmly believes that understanding how the human brain works is key to helping individuals develop and perform at their absolute very best.