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We recognize and thank all the Healthcare Recruiters, who spend countless hours hiring the right fit, so patients receive the best care. To show our appreciation for everything you do, we've gathered some of our best resources, including a FREE eBook and a webinar recording, for you to download and enjoy. 

Webinar: 7 Secrets for Hiring The Right People

A conversation with Hiring Experts

In a time when retention and turnover rates are higher than ever before, it's crucial that your hiring strategy be strategic and effective. Join St. Joseph Health System and CGH Medical Center as they discuss 7 Secrets For Hiring the Right People, and the impact your recruitment strategy can have on retention, turnover, and your bottom line. Led by moderator Liz Wamsteeker, leaders will learn innovative hiring strategies, while being challenged to think differently about recruitment as a whole.

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Learn how HealthStream can help you attract, assess and hire competent and engaged employees who are the right fit for your organization.

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Hire The Right People

  • HCAHPS: An Asset or Liability for Recruiting and Retaining the Best Workforce?
  • The Intentional Pursuit of Your Best Employees
  • Interviewing's a Two Way Street -- Attract and Select Top Talent 
  • Revealing the Hidden Talent in Your Organization

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of healthcare organizations say having a talent  acquisition strategy is more important than it was one year ago

Additional Resources


The New Rules of Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare organizations are bucking traditional recruiting models to zero in on the best job candidates, accelerate selection, and engage candidates from the start. This infographic looks at the trends reshaping the healthcare workforce and the new rules of recruiting.


Better Data in Healthcare Hiring

It does not take a whole lot of complex workforce data to begin measuring staffing areas and improving hiring decisions that are directly tied to quality of care, outcomes, and cost management.


Healthcare Recruiting: Art or Science?

In today’s healthcare world, recruiting and selection certainly isn’t that clear-cut. In a value-based system there is great emphasis on empathy and delivering the best possible patient experience; and yet, clinical quality can’t be sacrificed in the process.


Healthcare Training with the Brain in Mind

Executive Norman Desmarais shares his insights on how healthcare training has to be delivered where people can absorb it, at the time they want it, and it needs to be in context. Norman firmly believes that understanding how the human brain works is key to helping individuals develop and perform at their absolute very best.