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Move from Transactional to Transformative Learning

Tuesday, January 19|11:30 AM CST 

Move from Transactional to Transformative Learning

Often many organizations' approach to learning is transactional and viewed as "check the box". While this approach meets requirements, it is often unengaging, redundant, and fails to retain your best staff. By taking a transformative approach, learners are offered a personal education path leading to saved time, increased engagement, and ultimately improved patient care.

Join us for a 45-minute webinar with healthcare learning and development leaders as they discuss how transformative learning strategies impact employee engagement, leadership development, and retention. 

Our panel of learning and development leaders include: 

  • Christine Buell, Learning & Performance Advisor, HealthStream
  • Kristine Hetzel, MSN, RN, Simulation Solutions Executive, HealthStream
  • Marla Dziedzic, Learning and Performance Advisor, HealthStream
  • Kristin Hackett, Product Manager, HealthStream

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