Advances in Resuscitation: What Leading Hospitals are Doing to Innovate and Elevate Their Programs for Developing Resuscitation Competency

Thursday, January 28| 3 PM – 3:45 PM CST

In-hospital survival rates have remained at just 26%  for more than 20 years. Traditional resuscitation education programs haven't offered any improvement, yet the cost of these programs have increased 5% a year during that time.

For more than two years, leading organizations now in all 50 states have taken steps to innovate and elevate their resuscitation education programs all while cutting costs, driven by the award-winning innovations at the heart of the American Red Cross Resuscitation program for BLS, ALS, and PALS.

Join Luther Cale, HealthStream's Vice President of Resuscitation, and Dr. David Markenson, Chief Medical Officer, American Red Cross Training Services, to learn how leading hospitals are taking advantage of the innovations included in the smart, more flexible choice for resuscitation, and for a sneak peek at what's coming next. 

Presented By:
Luther Cale, Vice President of Resuscitation

Dr. David Markenson, Chief Medical Officer
American Red Cross Training Services



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