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Mitigate Risk and Efficiently Manage Conflicts of Interest

COI management that addresses organizational risk with streamlined auditing, tracking, and reporting of potential conflicts of interest.
Mitigate Risk
Avoid Litigation
Save Time

COI Management Built with You in Mind

HealthStream’s Conflicts of Interest management solution can help your organization cut costs, streamline disclosure distribution to save time, mitigate risk, and increase confidence with actionable data and administrative automation.

Sunshine Act Expansion and COI Transparency

As part of the 2010 Sunshine Act, CMS has collected Open Payments data on financial transfers of value from manufacturers to more than one million+ US providers. In January 2021, The Sunshine Act is expanding its covered recipients. It is imperative for organizations to have a COI management process in place, and to train staff on the changes to identify, mitigate, and manage financial, legal, and reputational risk.
We needed a sophisticated and comprehensive tool for streamlining COI processes that would also be simple to learn and use. So, it was important for us to partner with a vendor that offered a proven solution and track record.
Ron George
Retired Chief Compliance Officer at Henry Ford Health System

Product Features


  • Widely installed and accepted in over 1,200 hospitals, health systems, and universities
  • ASP hosted and available 24/7 with minimal need for IT involvement
  • Timely implementation
  • Reviewers have the ability to easily search all responses
  • Best practice sample questionnaires to facilitate system setup


  • Documentation and audit trail of all COI communications
  • Customized templates for announcements and reminder emails
  • Management plans
  • Pre-population of prior year questionnaire answers in the current year


  • Role-based surveys: different audiences require different questions
  • Ability to drill-down and ask related questions, using built-in logic tree
  • Multiple answer types: radio buttons, check boxes, pre-defined lists, text, date, and numeric
  • Ability for respondents to upload documentation to support disclosure


  • Comprehensive reporting includes validation, disclosure, aging, IRS Form 990, and custom reports

As a healthcare organization, you need:

A streamlined COI Management process.
To effectively keep up with changing regulations
To mitigate risk and save time
To reduce variability and vulnerability in your COI process

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See for yourself how HealthStream’s Conflict of Interest Solution can help your organization save time and money, streamline COI disclosure distribution, and ease the administrative burden of COI management process.